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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Renters Insurance

Anyone who rents their home, whether it is an apartment or house, should have a renters insurance. The landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your belongings; it only covers the landlord’s property. Our insurance agency, located in Stillwater, OK, can help you find the policy that fits your needs. There are several parts of the policy that cover different things, from bodily injury liability to personal property to loss of use. We can go over the coverage options with you and help you find a policy that fits you while ensuring you get good value for your premium.


The liability coverage, like on a homeowners policy, covers bodily injury liability. The most common types of claims for this kind of policy are slip and fall accidents. When these kind of accidents happen at you residence, you can be held liable. If you have renters’ insurance, the insurance company will defend the lawsuit and if the judgement comes against you, they will pay up to your liability limit. We can work with you to make sure you are covered the way that you need to be.

Personal Property

Personal property coverage takes care of your things, your personal possessions. As with all types of property insurance, it will pay for a covered loss, common examples being fire or theft. Just run through how much would be lost if your closet was empty one day, or your living room. Those small personal possessions can add up quick and we can make sure that you have enough coverage to replace everything you need either for a partial loss or a total loss.

Scheduled Items

You can also list collectibles and high value items on your insurance policy. There are advantages to this, especially if the high value items go over the personal property limit or the category limits in your policy. We can go over your needs with you to make sure that your belongings are covered, whether they are your comic book collection, your classic vinyl records, your grandma’s silverware, or anything else. We can navigate the policies to make sure you have the insurance coverage that you need, and you can get back on your feet if something were to happen.

Loss of Use

Part of getting back on your feet is having a place to stay and the additional cost of not being in your own home while it is under repair. And renters’ insurance has that covered too. Under loss of use coverage, your renters’ policy would pay you up to your loss of use limit for additional living expenses to maintain your life if it was from a covered loss. We can help you decide how much loss of use your nee and what exactly is a covered loss so you can be sure you are covered when you need to be.

Give us a call and we can help you get the renters’ policy that is right for you, making sure the coverage protects you and the premium is the best value we can find. We don’t believe in a one size fits all policy. We work with you to tailor it to your needs.