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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

The Many Advantages of Working with an Independent Insurance Agent

If you’re shopping for an insurance policy, whether for yourself or your business, you’ve probably been bombarded with information. If you look online, of course the names of major insurance companies will come up first in a search. But, there are many compelling benefits of working with an independent insurance agent. 

Personalized Service

One of the first things you’ll notice about working with an independent insurance agency like J. K. Meadors & Co is the level of personalized service you’ll receive. You’ll deal with the same people every time you call or visit the office. We'll recognize you and know your name. You won’t be met with anonymous customer service people when you have questions. 

Because your service is more personal, the insurance products offered will be tailored to your needs as well. Rather than trying to direct you to generic policies like those of huge companies, independent agents can put together an ideal package that covers your home, business, auto, boat, and more. 

Access to More Insurance Products

How do independent insurance agents provide such great customized policies for you? Because we aren’t tied to a large carrier, we have access to multiple insurance carriers. This means you'll have access to policies that are specialized for your needs. 

This flexibility not only affords you the customer greater selection, it helps keep costs competitive too. You can find policies that both protect your interests and fit your budget without having to sacrifice one or the other. 

Improved Responsiveness

Another aspect of the personalized service you find with independent agents is improved responsiveness. This is even more important when you’re filing a claim than when you’re shopping for insurance. Knowing you can get your claim resolved quickly is key to peace of mind and returning to normal life as soon as possible after an accident, theft, or natural disaster. 

Local Knowledge

Finally, our independent insurance agency is local. Our agents and staff know the area, which can be a boon when trying to select insurance to cover weather events or meet liability requirements. And, we can be a terrific resource for you in the event you do file a claim, helping you find the right people to fix your home, office, or vehicle when life seems chaotic. 

To see the benefits of an independent insurance agency like us, call J. K. Meadors & Co at 405-377-0000 to discuss your insurance needs.