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6 Great Reasons to Have Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Small Business

You probably have auto insurance for your personal vehicle. This insurance coverage is mandated by many states to cover liability in case you hurt someone or damage their property in an accident. It’s also usually required if you finance your vehicle through a bank or dealership. 

You may also have collision or comprehensive insurance to protect your vehicle in the event of a crash, theft, or damage from certain disasters. 

But, what about your small business vehicles? If you own or manage a small business, do you have adequate auto insurance coverage there, too? If you’re just opening your doors, you may not have thought about that yet. Here are six great reasons why you should have commercial auto insurance for your small business. 

It covers most types of business vehicles, not just automobiles. 

If you drive trucks, vans, or cars, commercial auto insurance will cover you. You do need to talk to your agent about separate insurance, however, if you need motorcycle insurance. 

It protects your business’s valuable assets. 

You probably have homeowner insurance for your house because it’s one of your largest assets. And, if you own a business, that is also likely to be a major asset for you, which needs to be protected as well. 

If someone files a lawsuit against you after an accident because you do not have the proper business auto liability coverage, your business assets could be at risk to pay any judgments against you. You’ve worked hard to build your business; you don’t want to lose it in court. 

Your employees may not drive as safely as you do. 

You may be the best driver in the world, but when you hand the keys over to an employee, you are at the mercy of their driving skills and state of mind. An employee who is a poor driver or who is distracted by personal concerns can easily get in an accident. Commercial auto insurance can cover that situation and get your vehicle back on the road ASAP, so you can continue without loss of revenue. 

You have many options to find the perfect coverage for your vehicles. 

Every business is different. Your commercial auto coverage can be configured to take in multiple factors like: 

  • The age and value of your vehicles
  • Who will be driving company vehicles and where
  • State laws regarding liability coverage
  • How much your business depends on commercial vehicles
  • Other insurance you carry that may overlap, like workers compensation or an umbrella liability policy

You can put together a policy that covers liability, collision, property damage, personal injury protection, and the like, so all your needs are met. 

You can get hired/non-owned liability coverage.

This type of coverage can either be added to a commercial auto insurance policy or to a general liability policy. It covers situations where you may be renting cars or where employees are using their own vehicles. This is ideal if you or your employees travel a lot and drive rental cars or if your employees use their own vehicles instead of a fleet car, a common practice in sales today to save money. 

You can cover your own vehicle used on the job. 

Even if you’re not a business owner, commercial auto coverage may be necessary for your peace of mind. If you deliver pizza or sell cosmetics for an employer using your own car, your personal auto policy may not cover liability or damages that happen when you’re on the job. But, a commercial auto policy can make sure you have no gaps in your insurance. 

Don’t wait until you have an accident or are faced with legal issues over liability with your small business vehicles. Call J. K. Meadors & Co at 405-377-0000 today to find the policy that’s right for you. We’re independent agents with access to hundreds of insurance products, and we’re here to help your small business succeed.