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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Personal Lines: How to Get the Best Personal Insurance and Save Money Too

Personal insurance is the best way to protect yourself from liability and catastrophic financial loss. In fact, personal auto insurance is required in Oklahoma, and home insurance is probably mandated by your mortgage lender. Read on to learn more about the different types of personal insurance available to you and how you can save money on your policies.

Personal Insurance to Protect You from Many Risks

There are multiple types of personal insurance on the market today. You can purchase as many as you need to make sure you’re covered from a variety of risks – kind of like an insurance buffet! Here are the personal insurance products our clients most commonly select:

  • Home insurance to protect a residence you own, including the structure and all of its contents
  • Renters insurance for coverage of your personal belongings in a rental residence
  • Condo insurance, designed especially for condo owners, whose insurance needs fall somewhere between homeowners and renters
  • Auto insurance, which is required in Oklahoma and covers for liabilities, collision damage, theft, vandalism, fire, and many natural disasters
  • Personal umbrella insurance for extra liability protection from things like slip-and-fall injuries at your home or your dog biting someone
  • RV/boat/ATV insurance to protect your property and others in case of an accident
  • Earthquake and flood insurance for natural disasters
  • Landlord insurance, if you rent out your property or part of your home

How to Save Money with Insurance

There are many ways to save money when you buy personal insurance. The first thing we always suggest is to bundle insurance with one agency. We can nearly always save you money when you have your home, auto, and other insurance all under one roof.

Other ways to reduce insurance costs include:

  • Driving safely and maintaining a clean driving record
  • Enrolling teens in drivers education
  • Letting your agent know if you work from home or don’t drive often
  • Garaging your vehicle in a safe location
  • Purchasing actual cash value vs. replacement cost for home, condo, and renters insurance
  • Conducting an inventory of your belongings so you don’t buy more insurance than you actually need
  • Purchasing policies with higher deductibles (the amount you pay out of pocket when you file a claim), which usually results in lower premiums
  • Paying your policy annually or every six months instead of in monthly installments
  • Getting insurance through an independent agent rather than a big insurance company

The Benefits of Partnering with Independent Insurance Agents

One of the best ways to save money with insurance is to purchase your policies through an independent agent. At J. K. Meadors & Co, our independent agents have many more insurance products at their disposal than those familiar name companies, who are obligated to sell only their limited insurance options. We actually work with all those well-known carriers, plus many more you may not have heard of.

In addition to being able to customize policies for you because of our larger insurance menu, we offer superior customer service, as evidenced by our many glowing reviews and referrals from folks like you in the Stillwater area. As members of the community ourselves, we treat our clients like friends and family, which is appreciated if you ever have to file a claim. And we know the area well; we can advise you about any risks that might leave you vulnerable so you have no gaps in coverage.

To learn more about personal insurance, call us at 405-377-0000 today. Or reach out online to start a policy or let us know how we can help.