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Renters Insurance

from J. K. Meadors & Co

Renters Insurance

Even if you don’t own the home you live in, you still want to protect your belongings where you rent. Home insurance is too much coverage since you don’t need to protect the structure that belongs to your landlord.

That’s why renters insurance was created. You get many of the same benefits of home insurance, without paying for extras you don’t need. If the worst happens, your personal property is covered, so replacing or repairing it doesn’t come out of your bank account.

What Renters Insurance Covers

Renters insurance protects anything that belongs to you inside the home you rent, whether it’s a house, apartment, or townhome. This includes:

  • Appliances that belong to you and not your landlord
  • Furniture and decor
  • Housewares
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Personal and kids' items

If these belongings are damaged or lost due to fire, storms, theft, or vandalism, you can get them repaired or replaced, with just a small deductible paid out of your own pocket.

Many renters also add supplemental coverage, depending on their location and lifestyle, including:

  • Scheduled coverage for valuables like jewelry, artwork, antiques, firearms, collectibles, furs, and precious metals
  • Personal umbrella insurance for increased liability protection in case someone is injured where you rent (encouraged for dog owners)
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Flood insurance

How Independent Agents Help You Get the Right Policy Every Time

If you’ve never worked with an independent insurance agent before, you’re sure to be pleased with the difference from large, impersonal insurance companies. We get to know our clients personally so we can tailor policies to their unique needs.

Independent agents also have a wider selection of insurance products available because we work with dozens of carriers. This translates to better customization of your policy for the right coverage and for your budget.

Contact J. K. Meadors & Co today to learn more about renters insurance coverage to protect your personal property. You can call us at 405-377-0000, or simply get in touch online anytime to start a quote.